Updated by:Pikapower Sept.14
I've not been updated because of the attracted game of Final Fantasy VIII. It is so fun! It took be at least 15 hours for each disc. Now, I'm on the 3rd disc. Well, that's enough. I've added a new page which you may found it entertaining, the flash page! Yep, that's right. just a brief introduction of what's going on. Instead of doing a CPU club, I'm deciding to do a Final Fantasy VIII club instead. "It's the best game ever, really!"
Updated by:Pikapower Aug.15
I've seen a little bit of change. So I decided to get back on. Oh yeah, and I want to tell you that I've fixed the background which made me fix all the page's font too. Also, I'll be opening a Computer Games hint, tips, cheat and walkthru pages. Hope it'll make this site more interesting!
Updated by:Pikapower Aug. 10
With the combination of the three skills I've learned this summer, I'm a smart person, and also a great webmaster. But people, c'mon. I just want to get more hits, ok? I won't be updating for about 1 week. If I still don't see any changes, then gimme a break.
Updated by:Pikapower Aug.3
Not entirely an update, but just to tell you that I would continue back the http://members.fortunecity.com/pmcisland site before heading off back to do the Pikapower! site. It may take a few weeks for a lot of clean ups to do there, but I gotta make my guests happy!
Updated by:Pikapower July 25
Well, well, well. If it isn't Pikachu. But of course it is! Pikachu has came back alive from Version 1.7, fixed a couple of errors found such as banner width and background color. Thanxs to you all, so long!
Updated by:Pikapower July 23
Yes, Version 1.7 is becoming alive! Now that Version 1.7 is here, let's wait for some more excitement! The version 1.7 won't have frames so it will look nicer, and you could see that the page has been more creative!
Updated by:Pikapower July 22
Ever wonder why I've been not updating so long? Because I'm planning on the second version of the site. Everything is perfect right now, and I'm gonna make a flash and voting place so good luck!
Updated by:Pikapower July.12
Whew, HALF of the blue and red versions walkthru is finished. But it is still avaliable in the games section. I've planned to have 1,000 hits before making the new layout.
Updated by:Pikapower July.11
No updates... v_v well. I'm still searching for staff members and quite a busy week. All day activities.
Updated by:Pikapower July.5
Say, ever heard of the Sims? Yep, that's right. I'm going to use my coupon to buy it if I could find one and also other stuffs. Played it with my friend yesterday and it was remarkable! Anyways, I really want to have people to go to the staff page and check out the jobs. I need a lot of help right now...
Updated by:Pikapower July.2
Finally, Neo 2 trading cards has been released in Japan! As you can remember, the first Neo pack contains 1 Lugia coin (I've got it ^v^). I'm not so sure about the Neo 2 trading card coin, but I think it is some kind of rusty Mewtwo. For more details, go to Pojo.com. Anyways, Walkthrus aren't really prepared, but I think I'm still gonna open the site! Hope you'll find it more interesting than before. Our version 1.4 will be re-opened today!


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